Team Topnaar cycle racing team preparing for Desert Dash 2014

After a solid finish in Desert Dash 2013 in spite of a late withdrawal by the injured Jeffrey, Team Topnaar-Gobabeb is motivated and ready for Desert Dash 2014. With a four-man entry in the pocket, the team has been training in earnest and have all passed their first test–Gobabeb’s own mountain bike race (the very tough GobaDash) with flying colours. Jeffrey Khuraseb won the 10 km race, Martin Swartbooi won the 40km distance and Samuel Gowaseb won the gruelling 80km event against some stiff competition.

The team’s efforts have been helped along by several donations of gear and cash from the cycling community of Namibia. Cymot kindly donated a number of brand new tyres for the team’s use in preparation for the Desert Dash 2014. Other donations were received from Hercules Viljoen, Andy Chase, Carel van Wyk, Vernon Maresch and Jens Unterlerchner (who also donated a bicycle). Mannie Heymans of Mannie’s Bike Mecca has thrown in services for all the bikes.

Team Topnaar wishes to thank all their sponsors and supporters, and will be doing their best to achieve a good result in this year’s Dash.


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